Retirement Bowral – is it for you?

Whether it is retirement Bowral or elsewhere there are usually several questions that require some thought.

Firstly, deciding where you would like to live.  For most people it takes a special retirement living development to entice them from their current home.

Then there are questions, such as:

Do you want to stay in your local community or move closer to family or friends?

If you would like to move to a different community or to a quieter place like the country, do you research and perhaps plan an extended trip to enable you to explore all of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a new community and a different area.

Is your home maintenance getting a bit much for you or would you just prefer to spend more time on leisurely pursuits?

Retirement villages can offer you that freedom, with a large team of staff to take these responsibilities away.

Are you feeling as though you just want life to be easier?

Retirement communities offer easy connections to social activities and leisurely pursuits, most of these are on site and they may also offer transport locally.  Most retirement villages also help with care or medical support, coordination of these services is usually provided by the retirement village.  In short, your social life and enjoyment of life start to ramp up!

Do you feel that having someone to look out for you would be beneficial?

Retirement villages provide staff to oversee the running of the retirement village and to provide a helping hand when needed for residents.  Emergency call facilities provide peace of mind in case of a medical or security incident.

Will I still have my privacy?

Retirement villages provide choices for residents, you can be social at times or private, it is completely up to the individual.  Most communities are very respectful regarding each resident’s preferences.

Can I remain independent in a retirement village?

Absolutely! Retirement villages assist in ensuring you remain independent as long as possible, providing a number of services that you would not be easily attainable in your family home.  Social interaction also keeps you mentally active and is beneficial for your long-term wellbeing – some call it the village effect!

Will I save money by selling the family home and moving into a retirement village?

Usually the sale of the family home will provide more funds than (usually) smaller retirement village residence would cost.  The usual transaction is the funds from the sale of the family home will provide for the retirement village residence and additional funds for your lifestyle.

Please visit a retirement village that seems worth exploring and perhaps that will help you to  make the best move for your future.

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