Retirement Lifestyle

Our Residents tell us one of the things they love most about retirement lifestyle of their in Waterbrook is the range of activities and services that are available to them everyday. Our Residents are welcome to take part in a variety of social events, community activities and exceptional facilities, both in-house and off-site. Their Waterbrook retirement lifestyle can be as active or as relaxed as they choose.

“Resort life at Waterbrook is more than you ever imagined. Grounded by five-star luxury and service, our promise to you is that we will never stop striving to do more”.  – Liane, Head of Operations.


Our service never sleeps

Available 24/7, the Concierge Team is there to assist with just about anything, ensuring Residents are comfortable within the Resort and its surrounds, the community and local neighbourhood. Our Concierge Team brings together a regular social program, sorts mail, greets family, guests and delivers a daily paper. They are dedicated to Residents’ personal wellbeing and will know when to laugh or hug, not because it’s in their job description, because these are the types of people who love to work at Waterbrook.

Alani Wellness

“We know our reputation fundamentally hinges on our ability to interact in partnership with our Residents. As a result, we have a strong focus and determination to cater for the wellbeing of all Residents who reside within our Resorts. We have a deep understanding and appreciation of the role that maintaining general wellness plays for our Residents. We know from experience, holistic, preventative healthcare is vital to maintaining vitality, wellbeing and longevity, all of which are reflective in our Alani Wellbeing Programs.”

Liane Dobler, Head of Operations

To ensure our Residents each enjoy a long, fulfilling and productive life at Waterbrook, we facilitate a complete package of care and wellness services.

Our Waterbrook Registered Nurse assists in developing programs for our Resident’s wellbeing and also facilitates in-residence care if required. Our Nurse also assists Residents with day to day concerns, queries or guidance in regard to any health issue. If required our Nurse accompanies any Resident to medical appointments, providing companionship or peace of mind.

We devote special attention to ensure Residents remain in touch with their bodies and care for their active health, by providing wellness programs to suit every need. Our day spa is available for relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a full range of personal treatments, massage, hair and beauty, whilst our indoor, salt water pool is available for individual use or to participate in one of our many active classes.


We build purposeful programs to engage and connect Residents with neighbours, family and the community. We build activities to suit every interest and passion – film buffs can enjoy regular screenings in our cinema, whilst our in-house lectures provide a source of education and interaction on a variety of topics and interests.


When creating a Waterbrook Resort we also create a community, a community of like minded people who interact, care and share their lives with each other. Waterbrook thrives on community interaction; it is the core of what we do, something we believe provides our Resorts with an outstanding differentiation.

To be able to sustain the health and wellbeing for our Residents, one of our imperatives is to ensure every opportunity is provided for them to stay productive and active members of their local community. There is also positive and continuing connectivity to the local community by way of our Residents existing networks and relationships.

Akuna Dining

Waterbrook takes great pride in delivering upon our philosophy that food should be as delicious and visually attractive as it is healthy. For us, it is also about the theatre, the taste, the smell and the delivery. The Team work hard to ensure they all come together and have the greatest fun doing it.

Residents can chat with our Executive Chef, or meet new friends over a single origin coffee and savour Akuna’s, in-house wholesome baking. Our menus are never boring and are reimagined often to ensure variety remains the ‘spice of life’.

Residents enjoy fine wines from our cellar or from their own private wine store. Residents have the choice to dine privately or socially in our café and restaurant, if a meal at home is preferred, to order room service.


Newfound passions are found at Waterbrook. Our purposely built creative studios cater for artists, craftsmen and the novice. Experienced or beginner, everyone is welcome to join; inspire and to create some magic together.


Every Resident will have a variety of interests. At Waterbrook, we challenge ourselves to find unusual, exciting and interesting activities in our local neighbourhood and beyond that Residents may not have experienced.

Our Locations

We seek Waterbrook sites that cater for our own unique set of ‘must have’ for our Residents;
beautiful locations, close proximity to retail, entertainment, medical precincts and an array of transport.

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