Wow!  What a wonderful Community Open Day!

Perfect weather, not a cloud in the sky, not a breath of wind and just the right amount of sunshine!  We had hundreds of the local community enjoy our Open Day.  A chance for the community to see the original buildings and gardens in their current state before we start our refurbishment program early next year.

We toured groups and individuals all day, showing off the original dormitories, classrooms and bathrooms (we refer to them as Harry Potter bathrooms, the most amazing circular basins are still in pristine condition).  Locals were delighted to know that we are restoring, NOT demolishing most of the spaces, preserving the history and memories of so many.  Our Harry Potter bathroom will be converted to an incredible art space for many different modalities. It is important to us that anything worth restoring is, an exciting project for the Waterbrook Development Team.

Coffee, Cake, Gelato and Frank Sinatra tunes were had and taken under one of the beautiful oak trees.  A chance for the community to relax and take in the still beautiful gardens.

We loved meeting so many of the community that have had many lovely connections with the College, from fruit suppliers to children (now adults) who played on the oval.  A number of old boys told some funny stories about their time at the College and it was great for us to find out more about how the College and its occupants lived, worked and interacted with the community.

We would like to thank so many of the local community for providing us with photographs and memorabilia to furnish the historic section in our new library.

Lastly, thank you to all those who attended, we hope you will all be proud of the transformation that will take place very soon!

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