Unearthed Treasures

Look what the Waterbrook Bowral Team found buried under the old tennis court….  Springett’s family Lemon Fizzy glass bottles, circa 1950!

The boys from the OLSH school obviously obtained the drinks and took them to their common hiding place near the courts and who would have thought, 70 years later, that the Waterbrook Team would find them intact with not a chip in sight – naughty boys!

The Springett Family were retail and wholesale, food and beverage pioneers in the Highlands. The Springett’s had established themselves in Bowral when they opened a general store in 1926.  Two decades later the Springett Family expanded this general store into a bakery and soft-drink plant. These buildings were the first to distribute soft drinks and sliced bread in the Highlands. The soft drink plant was the first in Australia to bottle the iconic fizzy drink Passiona.

In 1972 the Springett’s opened Springett’s Arcade in Bowral. Today the Springett family are still managing this historic building with 38 shops and offices in the heart of Bowral.

Looking forward to finding more treasures!

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