Seasonal Transition

“In Bowral, the changing of the seasons is proudly marked” – The opening line of our Waterbrook Bowral video. Indeed, this is especially appropriate when the warmth of Summer makes way for the cool of Autumn. The mornings are misty, the evening air becomes chilled, and the deciduous trees, vines & shrubs of the Southern Highlands explode into a mass of colour; amber, gamboge, carmine, scarlet and auburn. The air carries the scent of woodsmoke, and if you take a stroll on dusk, you will see the glow of the many backyard firepits that have been being built up through the summer months.

We are so fortunate that the site of our future Waterbrook Bowral Retirement Lifestyle Resort already has extensive historic gardens, including many established European trees and shrubs. Each season brings new discoveries, and Autumn is a particularly beautiful revelation, especially this year after the late summer rainfall we so gratefully received. Due to this, the brown, drought-stricken growth has become the brilliant green for which this area is renowned
and complementing the stunning Autumn colour perfectly.

We look forward to restoring the grounds and gardens to their former glory for our Residents, their friends and families and wider Bowral community to enjoy, and as a magnificent living memorial to the forethought of the original planners and planters.

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We seek Waterbrook sites that cater for our own unique set of ‘must have’ for our Residents;
beautiful locations, close proximity to retail, entertainment, medical precincts and an array of transport.

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